Starting a new company within a economic downturn is a challenging task and requires vision and best in breed business acumen. The founders of FORMATUBE build a new company based on passion for quality. They approached WebWiser to communicate their passion and build a digital presence. We build the following website for them.

The task at hand was to clearly explain the complex services this client delivers to a multitude of potential customers ranging from ingenious, architects, interior designers, product developers, marine builders and many more. At the same time we had to ensure that we communicate their passion for quality throughout everything we say. The website was build as a customised WordPress theme to allow for a simple CMS so that the customer can create their own posts and integrate with their cellphones from an analytical point of view. Our customised SEO and Google Analytics tools became a strong New Business lead generator.


  • HEADER A clear header which includes the clients logo (which functions as the home button), the social media menu and the website menu. The responsiveness of our code and design will collapse the menu in to a single menu for smaller devices like cellphones and tablets.
  • SERVICES SLIDESHOW Straight under the status menu we’ve placed a slideshow bar which demonstrates the services this client performance with a clear image and a short description. Each image links to a page where more information is given about each service.Each image is a great opportunity to show the absolute perfection Formatube delivers whilst showcasing the different products they can deliver. We created images for each specific service whilst keeping in mind the different target markets and customers these images need to speak to.

  • ABOUT US After the services slider we give a short description about the company Formatube, their passion for quality and a quick background and what sets them apart from their competition.

  • INDUSTRIES WE SUPPLY As the possibilities of Formatube’s products and services are endless and service for a large variety of potential customers we created a “industries we supply” section to highlight the many different customer segments Formatube can service. To ensure potential customers are at the right place we mentioned each industry by name and illustrated with an example of typical tube forming. This will improve the bounce rate as customers will recognise their industry immediately and which will give them the feeling they’re at the right place. These link through to a page where the services for each of the industries is explained in more detail. This also highlights the diversity of our client Formatube and demonstrates their commitment to absolute perfection.

  • LATEST PROJECTS The latest projects section is there to showcase some of the unique services Formatube delivers. It furthermore reinforces their commitment to customised services without loosing their passion for absolute perfection.

  • CONTACT The homepage ends with a contact details section and an easy response form that functions as a call to action and lowers the barrier to make a first contact.


formatube full site